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About Turkey



The Land of Beauty Where Anything Is Possible

Turkey is, and always has been, thriving with natural beauty where ever you go.  From the historically old to the modern day world, Turkey has it all and more. Gone are the days of the unknown stigma attached to Turkey where many a traveller would avoid setting foot on our shores, choosing instead to travel to well known parts of Greece, Spain and other Mediterranean destinations.  Now, Turkey is well and truely the NEW HOTSPOT for every age and gender. 

Ranked as the 13th most attractive destination in the world and 9th amongst emerging countries, this is the perfect time to be investing in Turkey and play a part in Turkey's history in the making.  Turkey is determined to pursue its goal to become one of the top 10 economies in the world during the next 10 years which would benefit any investor.  

Turkey is already seeing a dramatic increase in tourism and quickly rising to the top of the destination charts.  With ease of visa applications, residency permits and reciprocal agreements Turkey is creating a big impact on tourism and property purchasing, escaping many of the downfalls which several countries have witnessed during recent years.

With Mortgage interest rates dropping, savings interest rates still higher than average in comparison to other countries, Turkey is definately doing something right.  

We are seeing vast improvements every day which make us proud to be part of this growing economy and fabulous country. Millions are being spent on new transport infrastructures.  Turkish Airlines are also rapidly growing, increasing their destinations and fleet capacity and more airlines are flying to our local airport, Dalaman, than ever before.  

Health Provisions in Turkey are improving dramatically with new state of the art hospitals and English speaking tourism departments to cater for the demand in services.  Health options range from private health care to governmental discounts if you hold a Residency Permit enabling a foreign resident to receive medical treatment at the same cost a Turkish National would pay.


One of the largest Cities in the World, a thriving, cosmopolitan city generating thousands more visitors each year.  Istanbul is steeped with history and magnificent stories surrounding many an era including The Republican Period, The Constantinople era and The Ottoman Empire era. Moving into the future Istanbul is generating high impact across the globe taking the lead with many a new initiative.  

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